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When will they learn

This shit ain’t funny at all. I don’t know why these white dudes think it’s okay to walk up to people, blatantly insult them, then think nothing should happen. Then people look at the Black folks in the vids like THEY’RE wrong.

my brother told me about some white dudes who have a youtube channel and apparently tried to ‘prank’ black people by saying the word “neighbour” really fast so it would sound like “nigger” and it worked a couple of times but then one of them said it to a group of black guys and they beat him up and white boy was like “IT’S A PRANK! IT’S A PRANK I SAID NEIGHBOUR” and the black dude was like really? and beat him up anyways

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John Krasinski’s Ice Bucket Challenge (off-screen cameo from Emily Blunt)

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spongebob hitting people where it hurts


spongebob hitting people where it hurts

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…in which Dinah pretends to reject Camila’s hug (x)

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"Body positivity is bad cause it’s glorifying obesity"
okay but like, whatever?? sorry for thinking that 9 year old girls going on diets and wanting liposuction is a bigger deal than fat girls in crop tops??

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